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As much as I love fantasy, it seems that I don’t read nearly enough books that take place in (to quote Star Wars) a galaxy (or realm/world/dimension/land) far, far away. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I read quite a lot (you’ve seen me gush about Tolkien already), it’s just disproportionate to the rest. That said, this month’s review, ‘Silver’s Edge’ by Anne Kelleher, does indeed take place in a land far, far away.

The land that Kelleher creates is a dual one, with the mortals on one side and the Sidhe (a fancy term for elves, fairies and other Fair Folk) on the other, the two of them separated by a magical boarder that is supposed to keep both sides separate (and it does, for the most part). That boarder is now failing, with goblins spilling out into the mortal realm and war breaking out in both worlds (rebellion of course, because what’s a fantasy story without a good rebellion?). It all comes down to the Silver Caul, which is a magical item that was made by both mortals and Sidhe a few centuries ago to keep the boarder intact and separate. There’s something wrong with it, and it’s leaking the fantasy-type equivalent of toxic radiation that is having an adverse affect on both realms, and the bad guys are using it for war.

The book is written with the old interpretation of the world in mind, where people of the past truly believed that the realm of fairy existed right alongside ours, and the fairy played roles in the lives of the average mortal, usually not for the better. It’s fun to read with this in mind. The fantasy aspects are extremely well written, especially when dealing with the Sidhe. While Kelleher’s take on the Fair Folk is nothing new, that doesn’t take away from how interesting she makes them. The intrigue going on in the Sidhe court is of the very best kind, and it is so very wonderfully written. The characters are also strong points of the story, especially the three lead females. With them, you seem to get examples of the token female characters that make an appearance in most fantasy books/movies/video games/etc. First there’s Nessa, the mortal blacksmith who’s a tomboy and the one driven into action. Then there’s Delphinea, the elf maiden who is all elegance, beauty poise and strength. Finally, there’s Celicy, the mortal queen who has a Guinevere-Lancelot type forbidden romance while trying to protect her land/people. Those three characters fill cliché spots, but they are written without being cliché themselves.

All in all, ‘Silver’s Edge’ is a well-written, otherworldly fantasy novel. It’s a bit of a dark read, but it’s still a fairly easy one with an intriguing plot, characters and world building. If you ever feel like stepping into a realm/land/dimension/etc far, far away, I’d recommend Silver’s Edge to do it.



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