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It was a few years ago now that my best friend told me that I just had to read Christopher Moore’s “A Dirty Job”. Not only because it was a good book, but because it was also a hilarious book. Now, I was a little sceptical- how could a book about the Angel of Death be hilarious (I had no doubt that it was good, because Courtney has impeccable taste in literature)?

“A Dirty Job” begins with Charlie Asher, a ‘beta-male’ who runs a second hand store and is pretty happy with his life. Then, his wife suddenly dies after giving birth to their newborn daughter Sophie. So far, a complete tragedy, am I right? Basically, things get strange from that point on. There’s a man at his wife’s bedside, and Charlie really shouldn’t be able to see him. Why? It turns out the man is a quasi-Angel of Death, and it turns out that Charlie has just been recruited for the job.

The best part of the book, for me, was Moore’s take on Death. Unlike most interpretations, Charlie here is not Death per say. Instead, it’s Charlie’s job to collect items which contain a newly dead person’s essence, and protect it from the forces of evil (who show up and cause trouble for everyone with a great deal of frequency) and make sure those items get where they need to go. Charlie doesn’t cause death, but merely picks up afterwards. It’s a different take on the Angel of Death character, and it’s a well done one at that.

The shenanigans that these characters get into, especially when it comes to gathering items and raising Sophie (who, in fact, does have the powers of a true Angel of Death, showing that Moore hasn’t completely done away with the traditional image), really are hilarious. That is the strong point of the book. There is conflict, drama, bitter sweetness and a touch of heart warming, but the strongest selling factor of the book is still the humour. Even scenes that have no business being funny, are hilarious. So, to sum it up, Courtney was right- I loved the book



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