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Granted, I was still tired (despite sleeping completely through the night), but I was looking forward to the day. I had signed up to go on a three hour kayaking trip. We were supposed to go up the coast and stop at a secluded beach, get out and have a traditional lunch (which I probably wouldn't have liked, knowing me, but that was okay), and I was really looking forward to it. It was actually the activity I was looking forward to the most. Like many other parts of the trip, it didn't go the way it was supposed to.

When I got down to the beach (more on that later), I waited a good fifteen minutes to get this news: I couldn't do the kayaking I wanted. Turns out, the guy in charge of organizing it (for once, no one of the leaders of our group, but an outside source) didn't check with anyone about whether or not they had the right to actually do it. As it turns out, they didn't. For whatever reason, we weren't allowed to go out of the harbour. So it was shortened to a two hour paddle around in the harbour (which as a little smaller than the one in St. Martins).

Suffice to say, I wasn't pleased. I may have over reacted a bit in my snit, but with all the disappointment of the first day, I don't blame myself. I decided to pass on the kayaking, mostly because it wasn't something I hadn't done before. Instead, I decided to go on the yacht ride later in the day. It wasn't a terrible time, but it wasn't a great time either. The trip was supposed to be two hours along the bay. Instead, it was about an hour and a half in a giant circle just outside the breakwater. Thankfully, I ended up getting a partial refund for that.

Besides the water activities, it was supposed to be a day to chill out on the beach. I was expecting a beach like we had gone to the day before, and was really looking forward to spending a few hours lounging and reading. The beach, however, didn't turn out like I was expecting it to.

Turns out, the beach was more like those in St. Martins than the sandy beach I had been to the day before. Don't get me wrong- I love going to the beach in St. Martins. It's one of my favourite places, actually. That doesn't mean that rocky beaches are the best places to lounge on and read for a couple of hours. Exploring it was fun for awhile, but it was also pretty small, even with the harbour area right beside it (which also reminded me so much of St. Martins it made me homesick).

There was one bright spot of the day, and that was running into friends on my way back up to the pension. There was a small wooded area right before the beach started. It wasn't very big, but it ran along the length of the beach. There were trees, rather thin, twisty trees and knee high grass on either side of a raised, wooden walking path. It was a really nice place to walk, once again reminding me of walking trails back in New Brunswick. It certainly wasn't something I've seen in Korea a lot.

I ran into my friends in the wooded area and we spent the rest of the afternoon taking crazy pictures in the woods, on the beach and at the harbour. It was an afternoon well spent, in my humble opinion.

After returning from an unsatisfactory yacht ride, the next item on the agenda (after supper, which was more ramen for me) was another bonfire. Like the one the night before, I was destined to miss it. This wasn't because of being tired, but because of A. weather, and B. how pitiful of a fire it was. Around the time the bonfire was about to start, it started to sprinkle. Nothing more than an annoyance, but coupled with the fact the 'bonfire' sucked (it was maybe the size of a personal bonfire, if that), I (and many others) decided to call it a night.

That said, the night wasn't a complete loss. A bunch of us chilled out in one of the rooms, chatting and watching movies. The best part? That annoying sprinkle turned into a downpour, but I was already safe, sound and snug at the hotel by the time it did. That was the luckiest I got all weekend.



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