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One of my first reviews was a write up about Scott Westerfield’s “Uglies”. That was quite a while ago now, and if any of you took the stellar advice written in my review, you’d have read “Uglies” and found out that it ended with quite the cliffhanger. So I went and decided that I should go and let you all know how I feel about “Pretties”, the sequel to “Uglies”.

At the end of “Uglies”, Tally returned from the wild and told the people in charge to make her pretty. So they did-Tally is now a bubbly Pretty living the partying life that comes with it. She and Shey are both there, their memories of The Smoke drastically altered and far away. Tally doesn’t remember the reason she allowed herself to be brought back and Prettified in the first place, not until her old friends from The Smoke show up to remind her. That of course leads to some more running away into the wild and away from the crazy government agents doing their best to stop them from completely toppling the structure of civilization, as they know it. There are even more in the way of romantic subplots, and even a full fledged love triangle (a real one, not just one in Shey’s mind).

“Pretties” is one of those fairly rare books that are just as good as the original. This book has more action than the first, which isn’t surprising given that Westerfield took a good chunk of “Uglies” world building. The romance in the book is a step up from the first, and in another shocking turn of events, the incoming potential romantic interest is just as likeable (a bit more so actually, in my not so humble opinion) as the original. Honestly, this is probably the only book ever where I’ve rooted for both couples equally (that is fairly big for me- I usually choose one pairing and stick with it even if I’m going down with the ship). Basically, “Pretties” is a spectacular continuation to Westerfield’s series and I highly recommend it.



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