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Stephen King is my all time favourite author, so I’ve decided to pay tribute to that fact by reviewing what I consider to be his best book; some may disagree, but in my opinion that would be ‘Carrie’. Compared to some of King’s other, much larger works, ‘Carrie’ comes off seeming so simple…but that simplicity is what makes the story so wonderful. It is the characters that makes ‘Carrie’; they’re characters that we can easily recognize when we look back on our own school days: the bullies, the outsiders and everyone in between. Carrie is that outcast, and despite the fact that she goes all crazy and homicidal, it’s so easy to feel sorry for her. Look at all she goes through, all that she’s put through, and then try to hate her. It’s so easy to identify with her; most of us have had that one (or if you’re totally unlucky, more than one) humiliating moment…and then wished that we could get back at the person who caused it. We know how she feels and how it is not entirely her fault what she becomes, and that casts Carrie as a tragic hero more than anything else. And let’s face it, no one can help but love a tragic hero and the story they find themselves in.



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