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Vampires are big at the moment. In all honestly vampires have been popular since Bram Stoker gave us all the masterpiece that is Dracula, and said popularity has only gotten bigger, especially in the last decade or so (I know people remember the popularity of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was still on). But let’s face it…Twilight brought it all to a whole new level. Since I’ve loved vampires for forever and I’ve already reviewed Twilight, I’ve decided to review another young adult vampire novel, which I personally thinks blows Twilight out of the water (sorry Twilighters, but after months of listening to girls giggle over Edward, the book has fallen out of favour with me).

PC & Kristin Cast’s (mother and daughter writing team) “Marked” is the first in the House of Night series. Zoey Redbird has just been marked as a fledging vampire and must go to The House of Night, a sort of vampire finishing school. There she will learn to become a vampire and prepare to become a full-fledged one. Of course this is still high school so you get all the regular teen drama angst, just add a little vampire magic. Aphrodite is the top girl in school, potential priestess to the vampire goddess Nyx and an all around mean girl. She loves to make Zoey angry because her ex is into her and because Zoey is different from the others. Zoey is stronger, more magical and in touch with the vamp goddess herself.

There is of course some romance there, but the whole plot doesn’t revolve around it by a long shot (again, sorry Twilight fans, I’m really not meaning to bash). There is more action, intrigue and mystery in the plot than romance (rest assured though, there is plenty there). It’s a great read if you want to read another new take on vampires (the Casts add their own quirks to the mythos) and yet stay close to tradition. “Marked” is the perfect mixture of new and old when it comes to vampires, and once you’ve finished you’ll want to go straight to book two.



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