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Even for those who find history boring will admit that Henry VIII and his six wives is quite the intriguing tale. Out of all those wives, Anne Boleyn is by far the most famous…but did you know that even before Anne was in the picture, Henry had an affair with her sister Mary? Well, that where Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ comes in. Being the king’s mistress was a well sought after position, and with a nudge (more like a forceful push) from her family, Mary ends up getting the title. Their affair only lasts so long before his attention begins to wane…and then eventually land on Anne. Anyone else would be satisfied with mistress, but Anne wants it all…she wants to be queen. Mary, who comes off as the most innocent in the whole family, gets entangled in the schemes and betrayals that get her sister to the throne…and then the desperate attempt to keep it. Part of the charm of the book is that it is so historically correct without being dull, which can be a hard thing to find when encountering historical fiction based on real people. Gregory always manages to portray most of the characters in a good light, despite all the back stabbing, lying and betraying they end up doing. But it is the relationship between Anne and Mary that make the story so compelling; they are polar opposites in everyway, and at times completely jealous of each other, but yet they remain close beyond measure. This closeness combined with the resentment and jealously that lurk just beneath the surface make this semi- tragic plot line team with life. Even those who profess to hate history will be unable to resist the brilliance of ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ and will not be able to help becoming completely enthralled.



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