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"Bitten" is in the first book in Kelley's Armstrong's thirteen-ish book series entitled "Women of the Otherworld". I didn't actually read this book first. I came across the third book and loved it, so I went back to the beginning of the series. I'm so very glad I did, because "Women of the Otherworld" quickly became my favourite paranormal book series ever.

"Bitten" is a story about werewolves. In particular, the only female werewolf in the world. Elena was turned unwillingly by her boyfriend Clay a number of years ago, and eventually left the North American Werewolf Pack. Elena wants to live as a normal person, and she's doing her best to do just that...but, of course, it's not going so well. When there's a problem with the pack (the governing body of werewolves in North America), Elena goes back to help. There's a problem with 'mutts', werewolves not in the pack, killing humans. It's the pack's responsibility to eliminate the man eating mutts, because they risk revealing the werewolves to the world. Elena gets caught up in the investigation, and starts realizing that that normal life might not be what she wants after all.

"Bitten" shines when it comes to portraying conflict. I don't mean external conflict (though the plot is excellent as well), but the internal ones. Elena is a mess of contradictions. She's torn between the wolf and the human in her. She's torn between the family she has with the pack, and the desire to be normal. She's torn between the love she feels for the man who turned her into a werewolf, and the betrayal that he did it without her consent. She's torn between the life she tells herself she wants and the one where she's truly accepted.

"Bitten" has a great mythology, an interesting plot and characters, a great love story and a wonderful story dynamic. "Bitten" is a spectacular read, and one every lover of paranormal fiction needs to read.



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