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Stephen King apparently has a hate for cell phones. Or at least you come to assume so after you’ve finished reading one of his newer books, appropriately named ‘Cell’.

The book takes place in a semi-post apoplectic world. On October 1st at 3:03 pm cell phones rang and brought insanity. Everyone who answered turned into a ‘phone crazy’- which is King’s version of your classic zombie.
Like any good zombie story, it focuses on a group of survivors who are trying to make their way to safety through all the death and carnage. Of course, this is also a zombie story written by Stephen King, so that means that there’s going to be a lot more to it than that.

The zombies’ intelligence levels seem to grow as time passes (though not intelligence the way we see it per say), they have to ‘recharge’ every night, travel together in huge bird-like flocks and best of all? They’re telepathic as a group. Oh, and there’s no eating people.

Again, not your average zombies. You also have strange dreams telling the ‘normies’ where to head for potential safety (much like another King classic, ‘The Stand’) and a very blunt look at what makes up the very essentials of human nature. All and all, King at his best. Another thing that makes ‘Cell’ such a great novel? After reading it you’ll be a little leery of answering your cell phone next time it rings.



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