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I love fantasy. I also, despite a bit of embarrassment on my part, love romance. Put them together in a well-written story and chances are I’ll check it out. One of said stories is PC Cast’s “Divine by Mistake” (in first publication is was called “Goddess by Mistake”. The story begins in Oklahoma with English teacher Shannon Parker buying a vase that she finds herself drawn to. Turns out that the vase had a spell on it and pulls Shannon into a new, mythological world. In this other world, everyone has a doppelganger (person who looks just like you) and Shannon’s double Rhiannon is a bratty priestess who got bored, so went and switched places with Shannon, leaving Shannon to take her place and pretend to be a chosen priestess in order to stop things from falling apart. Of course Shannon really doesn’t have all that much idea what she’s doing and it doesn’t help that Rhiannon has a completely different personality. She’s engaged to a shape-shifting centaur who can’t stand her alter ego and evil creates are trying to take over…not exactly the best time to be thrown into all the drama. “Divine by Mistake” takes numerous mythologies and mixes them all together; Epona is a Celtic goddess, centaurs feature in Greek mythology. I love mythology and it’s exciting for me to read something that features it so predominately (Yes, I am a huge geek). The book has a good storyline, a good romance and a great amount of good ‘ol fantasy. If that’s your cup of tea, then “Divine by Mistake” is totally the book for you.



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