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I'm pretty sure Mother Nature decided troll me one of the first weekends I got to Korea. Thursday and Friday were both in the positive double digits, and while it rained pretty bad on Friday, the warmer temperature was nice. Katie and I had made no plans for Saturday (which is a good thing, since she ended up sick and I ended up with a migraine), but decided Friday night that, if it was nice the next day, we'd pick something outside to do when we met up at the bus stop. We didn't do anything Saturday (I spent it curled up in a little ball of pain in my bed), so we moved our plan to Sunday. When I woke up on Sunday to check the weather, you couldn't believe my utter disappointment that it was minus three and calling for snow (that snow ended up coming as well). After a few days of being able to pull of wearing just a heavy sweater, it was depressing to have to bundle myself back into my winder jacket. I didn't stay disappointed for long.

Our indoors plan had been to head up to the Gwacheon National Science Museum. I was pretty ‘meh’ about the plan going in. I mean, I didn’t not want to go, and figured it would be pretty fun, but it wasn’t on my List of Things I Need To Do In Korea. I didn’t stay ‘meh’ for very long. Actually, the minute I saw the building –big and impressive, more so than I was expecting- the ‘meh’ went away.

The museum was divided up into different sections and covered a wide range of subjects, from natural history, aerospace and advanced technology. There was also a traditional science hall (complete with one of those balls that make your hair stand up on end!), though we didn’t make it to that section (the museum went and closed on us). The advanced science hall was really interesting because it covered such a wide range of topics- there was information about the evolution and future of the computer, an exhibit about ways to be eco-friendly – eco-friendly tech and living in a green world were two really interesting aspects of it. There was a section on how the body works and medical technology. The aerospace exhibit had a lot of replicas of planes and space equipment that kids would love. The natural history wing has an aquarium as well as a look at what the forest of Korea used to look like, complete with stuffed animals. The Korean technology and science section was fascinating, showing the technological and scientific achievements of the Korean people back when the western world was in the middle of the dark ages. An example is the replica of the biego, a flying machine that worked three hundred years before the first one in the west. There’s also a planetarium, which was good, but a lot was lost on me because the show was in Korean (obviously). That said, you really didn’t need to understand the language to know what was going on in the video about astronauts.

But honestly? There was one thing that I loved above all else about this place. There was one thing that made me squee in excitement like a child. There was one thing that this museum had that made it an amazing day. It had dinosaurs. Ever since I saw Jurassic Park when I was a kid, I have loved dinosaurs. Actually, scratch that- I loved dinosaurs before I ever saw Jurassic Park. For a very long time I was going to be a palaeontologist. Gwacheon National Science Museum had two versions of dinosaurs- outside there were the giant, to scale statues that were fun and perfect for photo opportunities. Inside, in the natural history section, there were fossils of all sorts, but (most importantly in my mind) there were quite a few dinosaur skeletons.

The best thing about the museum was that it was really hands on. There were a lot of interactive exhibits, and a lot of them were really interesting. I didn’t use a lot of them, instead letting the kids play, but the ones I did were fun. My favourite was the one for sound, where you could go into a small room and scream. A screen on the wall shows you how loud and how much energy your screams create. It was not only fun, but a great stress reliever as well.

The Gwacheon National Science Museum was a great way to spend a cold, snowy Sunday afternoon. I plan to go back and finish seeing the section I missed because of time constraints. I’m sure it’ll be just as fun as the rest of the museum was.



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